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Ways to Avoid Storm Damage

High-speed winds can be a nuisance for the structural integrity of your home. If the winds get fierce, they can cause all kinds of damage like taking the roof of your home. When residencies are built, the roofs are made primarily to fight normal wind conditions in your area. Yet, if a wind storm is violent, your roof is only able to take so much to stay intact. For communities that reside in extreme wind areas like the Eastern seaboard where hurricanes hit or Tornado Alley, this is a danger. As an esteemed storm damage restoration company, Paul Davis has an extensive background in roof maintenance during the storm season, and we understand how roofs are distressed during heavy winds.

How Are Roofs Ripped Off During Extreme Winds?

The logic behind roofs being torn off during high-wind conditions has everything to do with atmospheric pressure. With wind, as it navigates through your neighborhood, it will come in contact with your residence. When the wind collides with your house, and in this situation your roof, the flow of air will alter. What happens is when the wind sweeps against the roof, it makes the air churn and it generates vortices. These vortices form a suction on the roof and tugs at it.

Air pressure is the main issue responsible when a roof is torn off. If air currents enters your home from a broken window or an open door it pressurizes the air inside and pushes it upwards. Combine that air pressure in the home with the force of wind tugging on the outside and the roof stands a good chance of being damaged.

That is why it’s very important to, not at any time, open any doors or windows at the time of a big storm. At one point it was suitable to think that letting the wind flow directly through your home was a good thing to do, but this belief has been debunked. Boarding up your windows and doors helps keep a normal atmospheric pressure, block flying debris from smashing windows and keeps out high-pressure winds. In addition, the actions from wind pressure on your roof revolve around your roof’s height, style, and location.

Reliable Storm Damage Avoidance Methods

Having your roof analyzed for damaged spots and troublesome areas that can be fixed before a storm will help eliminate wind damage when a storm strikes. Eliminating any point of access for the wind means you can prevent damage to your roof while the storm rages. Prudent steps may take up some time but the pay-off of an unscathed roof is worthwhile. A roof that has been analyzed and repaired correctly holds a better chance to resist fierce wind conditions.

Yet, we understand that you can only do so much and the forces of Mother Nature always surprise us. Whenever your roof surrenders to any sort of storm damage, then reach out to Paul Davis for professional storm damage restoration services. We can restore your house back to a good condition in a timely fashion. Call Paul at (308) 398-0370 for a franchise in your area.