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Flood damage

Inexpensive Emergency Flood Damage Repair

Have you experienced a flood in your basement or another part of your home? Reasons for flooding include storms, broken or frozen pipes, overflowing rivers or changed ground after a fire. Paul Davis Restoration can offer 24/7 affordable emergency flood damage services to your Grand Island, NE home. Paul Davis works with insurance companies to lessen the weight of cleaning up flood damage. Have you found mold growth after a flood? Go to our mold damage services page to learn about our removal methods.

Don’t Wait to Call Us

You want to prevent excessive flood damage if possible, so it’s essential to act quickly. Restoration technicians will get to your house quickly when you talk to the restoration technicians from Paul Davis in Grand Island, NE. Flood damage can lead to mold growth, and this can cause health issues. It’s important to talk with a technician from Paul Davis immediately, your home will suffer less damage.

Our Team’s Process

Immediately upon arriving at your home, we will quickly begin the damage appraisal. Before starting any work, we will give you an estimate for the cost of repairs. Paul Davis can give you the most accurate estimate because our professionals in Grand Island, NE are thoroughly trained in emergency flood damage services.

Additional Water Removal

We will quickly initiate removing standing water from your home when you agree to the terms of our emergency service estimate. To productively eliminate the majority of the excess water, our team uses vacuum pumps. This practice will speed up the drying time and lessen the danger of hazardous mold from spreading. Our contemporary humidity-detecting tools discover spare water that remains in your home.


Even though it seems like your house is dry after extracting moisture, it probably is not really dry. Your carpets may require removal to prevent further harm to the sub floor. To hasten the drying steps, the Grand Island, NE specialists will change to air movers or dehumidifiers. To restrain mold growth, we make sure to be extremely comprehensive in the drying process.

Sanitizing Your Home

After a flood it is normal for a moldy odor to remain inside a structure. Your furniture, draperies, clothing and other personal items will likely need smell removal. By using our antibacterial treatments to kill germs and our antimicrobial treatments to discourage mold growth, we will make sure your Grand Island, NE home is dry, clean and safe.

Contact Us Immediately

Floods can be traumatic emergencies, so let us directly help you. Call the Paul Davis technicians in Grand Island, NE for a flood damage estimate. Following our emergency cleanup services, we can then suggest contractors to you for more damage repairs.