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Grand Island Paul Davis Commercial Service

If your business takes on damage from a fire, you will probably need to cease work for months and use thousands of dollars to bounce back from the damage. When business owners think of fire damage, they frequently think of the fire itself but soot and smoke may stay around the area years after. If neglected, your storefront or office will smell like smoke for years to come.

Living through a fire is challenging and Paul Davis understands that your beloved business and income are at risk. Along with emergency fire damage removal and remediation, we offer removing soot and smoke damage too. Whatever the size, Paul Davis of Grand Island performs emergency removal and restoration of fire damage to commercial properties across the Grand Island area.

Our Fire Restoration Technique

  • 24/7 emergency response – onsite and assisting you within hours
  • Accurate damage analysis, pretesting and estimations
  • Emergency boarding and structural reinforcement
  • Fewer toxins used to remove soot and odors
  • Cleaning, smoky odor elimination and air purification
  • Contents cleaning- restoration for any damaged inventory or tools inside your building
  • Water elimination – industrial grade dryers, air movers and dehumidifiers
  • We can restore any section of your building that was ruined by the fire
  • Measures against mold and mildew with disinfectants and antimicrobial solution

Call Paul Now

The Paul Davis professionals know how hard a fire can be on businesses, so we work fast to return your property back to normal. Our years of training, sanitation techniques and equipment combined with our experience means quicker cleanup and lower fire and smoke damage restoration expenses. We can salvage any inventory using specialized equipment and sanitation techniques, often being able to restore the goods inside your business to their original condition. We also assist with filing insurance claims to aid in the healing process.

Allow our business help yours. Contact Paul Davis of Grand Island if fire damage and smoke strike your business.